Legend of a Star Chaster

With rainbow eyes, she looked across the field
to gaze upon her unicorn. As he tossed his head
and whinnied, the maiden smiled. She ran to him,
her dress flowing behind her, the white as pure as
his coat. Placing her arms around his neck, she
looked into his eyes and saw the dance of color
before lowering her face into his neck and holding
him tight. As they embraced, the eight-pointed golden
starburst in the center of her forehead sparked,
illuminating them both. As she held him tight, she
knew this was where she was meant to be, that it
was home.

They heard the call of the hunt before they saw the
riders, the baying of hounds and the pounding hoofs
of horses with their mounted riders. In terror, both
maiden and unicorn looked to the approaching riders
before turning to flee. The hunters reached her first,
and she did not feel the blow that turned her pure
white dress to bright red. Falling to the ground, she
turned her head to see the hunters encircle her unicorn.
Her soul screamed out its pain as her voice could not.
A single stroke of a blade was all it took to remove the
delicate alihorn, bringing the unicorn to his knees.
Before death called her, she saw the body of the
unicorn turn to ash as the light that was his soul burst
forth and shot into the sky like a star.

She opened her multi-colored eyes, and smiled at the
people who had brought her offerings. Because
of the five distinct colors of her eyes people believed her
to be a goddess. She knew she was not a goddess but chose
not to correct them. In Rome, women had little power;
better to be thought a goddess than to be the property of
men. She truly did long for a love but could not bear
the touch of another, and yet every night in her dreams,
she welcomed the same lover to her. Though his hair
was white, he was the bloom of youth, his eyes so similar
to hers except that they were a true rainbow instead
of just her five. From all the scrolls she had read, she knew
that the eyes showed a person’s soul, and she wondered
how anyone could have a soul of pure light as his had to be
to have eyes of a rainbow.

Many times had people brought her offerings and she
never cared much for any of them, except this day
was different. Placed before her, she saw a delicate
statue of a horned horse. It drew her eyes immediately
and she quickly grasped it in her hands. As she looked
more closely upon it, everything came back…her unicorn,
the hunt. Her hand flew to her face to rest gently on her
cheek, beneath her eye. The rainbow was fading. Her heart
clenched as she looked to the night sky. Scanning the
beautiful stars, she saw one that shone just for her.
Its light was so bright calling her, asking her to return to

It was this same star she looked upon as once
again her pure white gown turned to red as she lay on
the sacrificial alter. She cried, realizing that she would
not be able to join with her unicorn in this life. And
many years later it was this star again she looked to as
her pure white gown was engulfed in flames she could
not escape while tied so firmly to the stake. The four
colors of her eyes had condemned her as a witch. But
it was the thought that the rainbow was fading and the
star was not as bright that made her scream and not the
pain from the flames.

Sighing, she opened her tri-colored eyes. Their unique
color had made her in much demand since her coming-
out ball. So many of her peers welcomed The Season,
especially now that Napoleon was defeated and the
ballrooms were once again flooded with men and the
occasional war hero. They tittered behind their fans
wondering if some gentleman or lord would invite them
to waltz, she however cringed each time a man took her
in his arms. But at night while she dreamt, she willingly
danced with the same white-haired man. As they
embraced, she could only stare in wonder at the rainbow
of color that danced in his eyes.

Escaping from the house and her overly demanding
guardian, she strolled with her chaperon. While
passing a store, a small statue caught her attention. It
was a delicate form of a horned horse. As she looked
at it, she felt some tug of recognition. A memory just
below the surface, but no matter how hard she tried,
she could not recall why it was so important. And she
would not remember until she lay upon the ground
looking at the one star that twinkled just for her. Her
once pure white night gown drenched red. She did not
cry from the pain of her now broken body caused
by the hands of her enraged guardian when he heard
she had refused yet another marriage offer; she cried
from knowing that the rainbow was fading, the star half
as bright, and it was almost too late.

She stared at the painting on the wall in front of her.
She could not recall how many hours she had done
just this. Looking at the scene of a unicorn prancing
in the meadow, she felt at peace but never knew why.
If anyone were to watch as she gazed at the painting,
they would see love and adoration in her mixed
golden green-silver blue eyes. Other than this painting,
the only thing to hold her attention was the stars. Her
whole life, she knew she wanted to be an astronaut, to
go into space and be closer to the twinkling lights that
called to her. She even had her own star; she had been
the one to discover it so she had been able to name it.
Her fellow astronomers had been stunned she had
spotted such a faint light.

It was the name of this star she whispered in her
dreams while in the embrace of a white-haired man.
His rainbow eyes filled with such love and also a
silent plea, a hint of desperation. It seemed to fuel
her resolve to go into space. Others shook their
heads at her sole focus to accomplish this goal. She
had not time for anything else. She ignored the
insisting of her mother that she date and settle lest
she end up alone. She cared nothing for other men, nor
did she feel alone; she had her stars. She worked
harder than anyone to ensure the first successful
human mission to Mars. And as the shuttle safely
made its way out of Earth’s atmosphere, she felt her
heart almost burst from the pure joy of it. She could
not explain it, but it felt like she was going home.

Almost to their destination, she could not shake the
feeling that something was wrong. As she dreamt, her
white-haired lover came to her. His rainbow eyes filled
with despair; unable to look at them any longer, she
awoke to find tears staining her face. She knew she
needed to get off the shuttle. She could not explain the
feeling, but the thought was so strong that she could not
think of anything else. She adorned her pure white
suit, and with no word to the others, made her way
outside the craft. Pushing away, she floated weightlessly,
her eyes going to the star she had named. For some
reason she always knew where it was and how to find
it. And yet as she looked at it, it was far brighter. In
fact, it seemed brighter now than any other star in the

With a blinding flash, she stared in wonder as a hand-
sized star appeared in front of her. Its light
surrounding her, she felt a comfort that she had only
ever felt before when in the arms of the white-haired
lover from her dreams. She swore she could feel the
same pleasure she felt emanating from the light. So in
awe, she did not notice as the pure white shuttle
behind her became red as it burnt from its failed
entry into the Martian atmosphere. She only knew
that she had to follow the star before her.

She did not question its ability to shoot through space,
nor how it was possible for her to give chase. She
only knew that she must catch the small starburst.
She did not care where it would lead her and yet somehow,
in the back of her mind, she knew that once she reached
her star, the chase would end. For good or bad, she knew it
had to end there. She passed by other stars and solar
systems, through nebulae that before she thought to be the
true meaning of beauty, but now she barely gave them a
glance. More than once she tried to reach out and embrace
the small star that streaked way from her, but it was
always just out of her grasp.

Growing tired from the long chase, she began to fear
she would never catch her little star and that she would
be forced to remain alone in the empty depths of space.
As she entered yet another nebula, the surrounding
gases seemed to give her a slight burst of energy that
had since faded. She used it to reach out one more
time, and finally she held the little star in her hand. As
she pulled it close to her and held it over her heart, she
lifted her head just in time to see the brilliant light of
the star she had named, before crashing into it. There
was no pain, no sound, nothing but blinding light.
Even as she felt her body being torn apart atom by
atom, she clung to the little star she had finally caught,
knowing her chase was done.

Slowly, she became aware of her surroundings. She
could feel how gently the nebula cradled her. She
smiled and nodded her head in thanks. Sitting up, she
lowered her feet and stood upon the heated swirling
gasses that she had been reformed in. She saw a flash
of light and turned towards it to see her unicorn
step out from the same life-giving clouds. Opening her
arms, she welcomed him. Star dust still clung to and
trailed from his tail, and light burst from his newly
formed alihorn. She looked into his eyes and saw her
own rainbow eyes reflecting back. As she had done
so long ago on that fateful day, she wrapped her
arms around his neck and lowered her face into his
flowing mane. He whinnied softly in comfort as he felt
her tears hit his coat. With a little encouragement, she
lifted herself onto his back.

She clung to him tightly, never lifting her head. She
could feel him running and both of them descending,
but still she held him close. After so long of not being
able to hold him, she could not allow even a moment
to pass without his touch. She barely felt the impact
as his hoofs touched something far harder than the
colorful swirls of the nebula. And it was not until he
once again whinnied that she lifted her head. She gasped
in surprise as she looked at the beautiful world that lay
before her. The nebula that had birthed them shown so
brightly overhead that even though it was night, it appeared
as day. Slowly, she lowered herself from his back and, with
a light push from his muzzle, walked around the new
world. She came to a small pool of water and looked
down upon the reflection.

The eight-pointed golden starburst that for several
millennia had been gone was once again in its place at
the center of her forehead. In the water’s reflection,
she saw a streak of light and glanced up to watch what
appeared to be a falling star make its way across the sky
and onto the ground. She knew it was not a star but
another maiden and her unicorn making their way here.
Looking once again into the pool, she could see she her
unicorn coming up behind her, light still shooting from his

Then she felt his arms embrace her and pull her back
into him. Turning, she looked into his face to see his
rainbow eyes sparkling and his golden starburst still
giving off light, but it was his smile that outshone
them both. As he looked into his maiden’s adoring
face, he was caught briefly by their reflection in the
water, seeing both their alihorns sparking light and a
bit of star dust still clinging to her tail caused his smile
to deepen. Pulling her even tighter to him, he lowered
his mouth to hers, and as they kissed she knew that, finally,
she was home.

Please do not edit, copy, reproduce, or claim as your own. If referenced please properly cite. My writing means a great deal to me and I ask that you respect that.

© This story is protected under copyright laws. Plagiarizers will be prosecuted.

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